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Hybrid Pro iPhone 11
Hybrid Pro iPhone 11
Hybrid Pro iPhone 11
$38.99 USD

Hybrid Pro iPhone 11

The Symmetry of Durability and Flexibility 
The Hybrid Pro, a reformed and improved version of cover shield to allow an enhanced level of toughness and flexibility.
Well-balanced Weightiness, Precision and Strength
Incorporating the cutting-edge technology of resilience and the on-the-go functionality, the Hybrid Pro offers phone protection while remaining an optimal weight.
Next-Generation Impact Mitigation 
Protective bumpers are installed at the four corners to allow a cushioning effect, absorbing shocks at the times of impacts or drops. On top of that, raised bezels at the front and the back is added-on precautionary measures to keep the camera lens and LCD screens protected from scratches and scrapes.
Proud ‘minimalism’ design
CASEFINITE has always believed in the branding-free design and that each and every distinguishing feature of iPhones will outshine on its own.