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'Introducing the next-generation symmetry of durability and flexbility'


'Introducing the next-generation symmetry of durability and flexbility'

Rocketing the Symmetry of Durability and Flexibility to A Whole New Height

The CASEFINITE product team has taken the former Hybrid model up a notch after months of constant research and development, introducing The Hybrid Pro, a reformed and improved version of cover shield to allow an enhanced level of toughness and flexibility

Well-Balanced Weightiness, Precision and strength

Tiptoeing to strike an equilibrium between its attributes, The Hybrid Pro is ultimately designed to a weight of roughly 25 grams, an optimum weight of a smartphone case as established by the research team. It's an astonishgly new ahcievement, thanks to the design team for the cutting-edge technology of combining resilience and the on-the-go functionality, offering phone protection while remaining an optimal weight

Proud ‘minimalism’ design

CASEFINITE has always believed in branding-free design and that each and every distinguishing features of iPhones will outshine on its own. That’s the reason why we boldly take out marks and logos from our products

Exclusive Next-Generation Impact Mitigation

Protective bumpers are installed at the four corners to allow a cushioning effect, absorbing shocks at the times of impacts or drops. On top of that, raised bezels at the front and the back are added-on precautionary measures to keep the camera lens and LCD screens protected from scratches and scrapes.

Spanking New Piano Black

The new Hybrid Pro series is created with piano black lining cushions around the edges and a textured matte finish on the back, a unique design that assimilates with the body of any colour.

Anyone mentions screen protectors?

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Looking for something slimmer ?

Introducing The Frost Air
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